About me 

Dustin Raymond  (a.k.a) D-Ray 

I have been a Photographer for 11 years. Starting at the young age of 18 , I was always fascinated and obsessed with capturing hard work . Fitness Photography is my Speciality . I have been Nationally Published Numerous Times on Flex Magazine, Muscular Development , Strong Magazine, Muscle and fitness. I love Fitness , and I love the art Bodybuilding portrays . If it doesn't kill ya it makes you stronger . I shot concerts as I learned the the art of photography and God led me in the direction after that .

Contact me:   Phone- 763-412-9172 

                        Email - JustdoitDray@Gmail.com 

*Pricing will vary upon on ones needs, so contact me and we can talk. 


D-Ray Photography 

Based out of Champlin, Minnesota,   


Selfies with some of my amazing Clients, whom all Bleed , sweat and live Bodybuilding and fitness .